ZX Spectrum 128/Grey +2 RGB SCART cable – review

As mentioned in our last cable review, with the availability of ever-cheaper high end analogue CRT displays such as the Sony PVM/BVM and the fact that LCD/LED TVs are now lacking in terms of retro input, retro gamers are looking to utilise the RGB output on many of their consoles and computers.

SCART remains at the top end of RGB output and it is the Retro Gaming Cables (retrogamingcables.co.uk) ZX Spectrum +128 cable we are reviewing here although the black ZX Spectrum +2a, +2b and ZX Spectrum +3 are also catered for via a different RGB SCART cable available on their site.

The cable

The 1.5 metre long ZX Spectrum +128 RGB SCART cable under review provides a pure red, green, blue (R-G-B) signal from a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k or +2 (grey) computer to any SCART enabled TV but will also work on various other monitors such as the Philips CM8833-II monitor and the Commodore 1084S-D monitor via the correct converter adapter cable. The cable also works on video up-scaling units such as the Micomsoft XRGB and Framemeister Mini.

We tested the cable on our grey ZX Spectrum +2 with a Sony PVM display via the previously reviewed Sony PVM Female RGB SCART to BNC adapter breakout cable and also directly via SCART input on a Panasonic Viera LCD TV.

As you can see from the images above the sound on this high quality cable is carried via a separate 3.5mm jack which plugs into your ‘sound’ port on the back of your grey +2 or in the case of the 128 into your ‘mic’ port.

The screenshots say it all really. I can honestly say I have never seen such a crisp and colourful image when playing my ZX Spectrum once plugged into the PVM breakout cable. Super sharp pixels complete with wonderful scanlines and distortion-free sound made playing the 32 year old Manic Miner almost seem like a new experience. Plugged directly into an LCD you lose the scanlines, but the picture is sharp and the sound just as clear. My personal preference is for seeing individual pixels and scanlines so the PVM display was the outright winner for me.

Dealing with Retro Gaming Cables was a straight forward as ever, customer service is second to none and Retro Gaming Cables are always a pleasure to deal with in that respect.


Another great cable from the guys up in Kingston upon Hull. If you want the very best image possible from your ZX Spectrum then look no further than this cable. Priced at £9.99 (at time of writing) including free UK delivery, pixel perfect retro gaming awaits with this high quality cost effective solution.


Link to Sinclair ZX Spectrum + 128k RGB AV Scart Cable

Use code: RETRO8 for 10% off all cables on the site

Looking for +2A/+2B (black) or +3 cables? Click here

Author: Ant Harper

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