Sinclair ZX81, ZX Spectrum and QL collection

Well I can’t expect you all to show me yours without showing you mine, so here it is. I have photographed just my Sinclair collection as it is my main area of collecting and listed the Sinclair stuff I have.  I have lots of other retro goodies of all types and I haven’t even touched on the Sinclair software and printed stuff I have (gulp)…

Click on the images to enlarge.

Sinclair era hardware:

ZX81 (Boxed complete)

ZX81 (in polys only, complete)

ZX Spectrum 16K (rubber keys, boxed complete)

ZX Spectrum 16K (rubber keys, boxed complete)

ZX Spectrum 48K (rubber keys, boxed complete)

ZX Spectrum 48K (rubber keys, boxed complete)

ZX Spectrum + (boxed complete)

ZX Spectrum + (boxed complete)

ZX Spectrum 128

Sinclair QL (Boxed complete)

Sinclair QL (Boxed complete)

Sinclair QL (loose with PSU & Scart Lead)

Sinclair Flat Screen Pocket TV (boxed complete)

Amstrad era hardware:

ZX Spectrum +2 (grey, Dixons 128K Computer Outfit)

ZX Spectrum +2 (black, + 2 Action Pack)

ZX Spectrum +3 (Boots Action Pack)

ZX Spectrum peripherals:

ZX Spectrum Expansion System (Microdrive, Interface 1 etc. boxed)

Rotronics Wafadrive (boxed complete)

Comcon Programmable Interface (boxed)

Romantic Robot Multiprint

Romantic Robot Multiface 3

Prism VTX5000 Modem (boxed)

DK Tronics Light Pen (boxed complete)

Ferguson MA20 RGB Interface (boxed)

Trojan Cadmaster Lightpen (boxed complete for 48K, 128K, +)

Trojan Cadmaster Lightpen (boxed complete for+2)

Cheetah Defender Lightgun (boxed complete)

Cheetah SpecDrum (boxed complete)

Currah MicroSpeech (boxed complete)

Currah MicroSlot (boxed)

Genius Mouse (boxed complete)

Sinclair ZX Interface 2 (with instr.)

Magnum Lightphaser (boxed, sealed)

DK Tronics Single Port Joystick Inteface (boxed)

Protek Switchable Joystick Interface (boxed)

Rare SPJ-1 Sinclair Analogue System Joystick (boxed)

Sinclair SJS-2 Joystick (boxed)

Spectravideo Quickshot II Joystick (boxed)

Spectravideo Quickshot I Joystick (boxed)

various loose Kempston Joystick Interfaces of various kinds, lots of misc. joystick interfaces…

ZX81 peripherals:

ZX 16K RAMPack (boxed complete)

ZX 16K RAMPack (boxed complete)

Memotech Memopak 16K (boxed)

Memotech Memopak 16K (boxed complete)

Memotech Memopak 64K (boxed complete)

Stonechip Electronics ZXPanda 16K (boxed complete)

JRS Software 16K RAM Pack

Various misc. loose RAM Packs, joystick interfaces

ZX Printer (boxed)

ZX Printer (boxed)

Alphacom 32 Line Printer (boxed, not pictured)

Other stuff:

2 x Spectrum Six Pack (software pack bundled with 48K rubber keys)

1 x Spectrum Six Pack (software pack bundled with later Spectrum+ 48K)

Author: Ant Harper

Father, Husband, website developer, avid gamer since the mid-70s and collector of just about anything video game related. 8-Bit microcomputer and Sinclair specialist with a huge Sinclair related collection of his own. Blogs about retro gaming here but occasionally elsewhere when people ask. Bored of Mario and never much liked Zelda. Performs quirkafleegs for cold hard cash. Often found destroying ice crowns in the Lands of Midnight. Remembers: Lunar Lander. Plays: Steel Battalion, Gears of War

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  1. Hello!

    Do you also sell any of your computers, like the SINCLAIR SPECTRUM 48k, in that case; how much does it cost?
    Thankful of answers!

    Yours sinceraly: Richard Andersson, SWEDEN

  2. Man!!!!!

    I love your collection!!! I am an ex collector soon to be collector again. I had a nice collection about 7 years ago from what I had been collecting from boot fairs but they were being stored in my parents cellar and when getting ready to move my step father chucked the lot into a skip!!! It was heart breaking! All i have left is a 48k rubber key unitt and a +3 unit with a faulty power pack. This year I plan to hit the boot fairs again and start trying to build up a collection once again.

    It’s nice to see such a cool collection!

  3. Cheers Joe, it’s taken quite a while to get it together… Sorry to hear about the fate of your last collection and wish you all the best with starting your new one!

  4. Joe Day – would you like a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, 48k RAM, boxed with manuals and leads?

  5. Sorry, forgot to add the cassettes included:

    Science Horizons Survival
    Horizons Software Start pack
    Horace goes skiing
    Space Walk
    Fighter Pilot
    Chequered Flag


  6. Hi Debs,

    Wow, it’s a little late to reply and no doubt you have rid the boxed 48k by now, for some reson I have only just had the reply come through to my email!!!

    If you still have it, my email is please do get in touch!!!

    Many thanks

  7. Hi Debs,

    Only just got this message for some reason – if you still have it I would very much be interested.

    Please contact me

    many thanks :)

  8. Hey people

    This may sound like the randomist question in the world, but I am looking for the original box for a ZX Spec+3 128k. I have the console and all its components (including instruction manual!) I just need the box to put it in. Anyone know how or where I would get one?

    Thanks in advance

  9. Unlikely you will just find a box, your best bet is to find a ‘spares or repair’ +3 with box on fleabay. Probably your cheapest option.

  10. Hi what serial numbers do you have for the QL’s,thanks

  11. Sorry for the late reply on this…


    All green serials

    Cheers, Ant

  12. Hi,

    I don’t know if you’ll be able to help me… I’m trying to track down a VERY old computer game that was written by my father on his first computer, A Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

    The Game was called Poker Patience and was written by Peter Searle. Sadly his computer and the original copy of the game were stolen years ago but I know he did make some copies at the time. That he gave to colleagues and people he knew to have computers, at the time there weren’t many of them obviously.

    Anyway, I’m fully aware the chances of finding it are slim but this seems like a good place to start! If you or anyone has any information or advise on how to track something like this down I would be infinitely grateful!

    Thanks, Eleanor

  13. Hi Eleanor, the first place to check for ZX Spectrum software would be WOS ( but unfortunately I have just searched their archives and they have nothing listed for Peter Searle or under Poker Patience. Was the game self-published? Only thing I can suggest is to Google it now and again and hope it pops up on eBay or someone logs it on WOS. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

    Regards, Ant


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