Sega Saturn clock battery replacement – how to

Imagine this.

You plug in your Sega Saturn, grab your Virtua gun, load up your well loved copy of Virtua Cop… and this appears:


You almost rage destroy the gun as its a royal ball-ache trying to navigate the time and date setting process using the buttons on your gun and you’re being too lazy to reach for a pad.

Well the answer to all your prayers is here. Now before I begin, this is probably the most difficult console fix ever. It involves a no-solder technique and should not be attempted by anyone under the age of 2.

So here goes.

Take your Saturn and turn it around to look at the back,


That flap to the left? Take it off.


Grab your replacement battery – a CR2032, I bought this pack from a £1 shop for…  you guessed it, £1 !!!


Flick the old battery out, replace it with a new one and replace the flap.

Fire up your console, and set your time and date!

Switch off and back on to ensure its working properly and BOOM!  You’ve done it, give yourself a pat on the back!!

Author: Ryan Morrow

Just another game hoarder and collector. With no particular favourite, he wonders aimlessly, searching in the wild for bargains. Zelda fanboy and Pokemon hater! Admin for Retro Collective Europe and novice writer. Remembers: Porsche Challenge. Plays: Ocarina of Time, Uncharted 3, Mario Kart 8.

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