More rare ZX Spectrum titles fetch crazy prices on eBay

I reported way back in 2009 about a set of Macmillan titles that sold in an eBay auction for figures way above what you normally expect most rare ZX Spectrum titles to sell for. Three of those titles (amongst others) were up for auction again and true to the recent trend in retrogaming, they were bid up to previously unheard of prices. As I have iterated before, these titles are indeed rare. Rare because they are educational titles and as much as we loved to tell our parents that we wanted a ZX Spectrum to do our homework on, we really just wanted to play games. Sorry Mom and Dad, now you know. Therefore these titles sold in low numbers and those that were sold didn’t really set the world alight with their technical prowess or originality. I have only seen them come up for sale a few times and as much as I would love to bid on them and own them from a collectors point of view, my love of Sinclair software isn’t enough that I would risk everything I hold dear to spend upwards of £600 on some frankly rubbish educational titles. Poorly hidden envy aside, here are the titles and the crazy prices they sold for:


Weathermaster – sold for £166.00

Planet Patrol

Planet Patrol – sold for £155.00

Disease Dodgers

Disease Dodgers – sold for £155.00

Oil Strike

Oil Strike – sold for £142.00

Worth the money or not? It’s just a matter of how badly you want them and how deep your pockets are.

Author: Ant Harper

Father, Husband, website developer, avid gamer since the mid-70s and collector of just about anything video game related. 8-Bit microcomputer and Sinclair specialist with a huge Sinclair related collection of his own. Blogs about retro gaming here but occasionally elsewhere when people ask. Bored of Mario and never much liked Zelda. Performs quirkafleegs for cold hard cash. Often found destroying ice crowns in the Lands of Midnight. Remembers: Lunar Lander. Plays: Steel Battalion, Gears of War

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  1. Wow, thanks for bringing this to my attention Andy. Seems there is no limit to what people will pay for these MacMan titles!

  2. Sly Spy Secret Agent for Spectrum sold for £227.90 on on ebay last Sunday! Is this a record for a non educational title?

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