Level Up music video and interview with Tek Force

Interview with Tek Force

RGC: Hi Tek Force, thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

Tek Force: No Prob, and I appreciate how you guys have shown me love!

RGC: Describe yourself and your style of music.

Tek Force: Well of course at the very core, my music is hip hop, I do what you would call traditional hip hop, in some of my other songs. Songs like “Level Up”, fall into the “Nerdcore” Genre, where musically you can rap about anything from video games to Game of Thrones! Literally NOTHING is off limits, and it’s just about fun.

RGC: What or who are your main musical influences?

Tek Force: My main musical influences, are a lot of 90’s rap groups and artists, and some are doing it today. To name some, A Tribe Called Quest, was my absolute favorite. Also Nas, Ras Kass, Gangstaar, Souls Of Mischief, Common, Talib Kweli….as you can see the list is not too short lol

RGC: How long did the video take to make and who came up with the idea?

Tek Force: The video was actually shot last year in July. I had a basic idea of what I wanted, and I bounced the futuristic and past ideas off of the director, Kyle Elrod. My vision for the video was pretty big, so that’s why it took a while with special effects and all.

RGC: In your video ‘Level Up’ you mention the Atari 2600 being your first console. What were your favourite games on that system?

Tek Force: Well you know the first scene in Level Up, that shows my son turning on the Atari? That’s one of my earliest memories of gaming, I would play Pac-Man and Ms Pacman, but I think Pitfall really had me going back then…Those damn pits… lol

RGC: What is your favourite retro game console and why?

Tek Force: My favorite Retro system would have to be the NES, It was what really cemented me as a gamer. I remember sneaking back to the room when my parents told me to do homework and trying to beat level 8-4. Also River City Ransom, Super Dodgeball, T&C Surf…the list goes on.

RGC: What is your favourite ever video game and why?

Tek Force: My favorite video game… probably Chrono Trigger. That one game had so many elements right. The gameplay, the music, the characters… it was what really showed me how games can suck you in and keep you there…

RGC: Your Father appears in ‘Level Up’, is he a gamer himself?

Tek Force: HAHA, my Dad? Actually he has in these more recent years. My parents bought a Wii for my son, and they actually play Mario Kart pretty frequently. From what I understand from my son, my Dad ACTUALLY has skills lol.

RGC: Does your Son have any interest in retro gaming?

Tek Force: You know this kid has gaming in his BLOOD, he’s a BIG Halo and Minecraft fan.He’s also a HUGE Mario fan, Mario T-Shirts, games, even the old Super Mario Show on DVD.  I’m not gonna lie, he destroys me at Halo.He really likes world creation games, where he can build cities. That’s not like me, cause I don’t have the patience… I gotta destroy or beat up things… lol

RGC: Do you plan on making any other video game related music videos?

Tek Force: Absolutely! I actually have a new song out called “Princess Problems”, about Mario being seriously tired of saving the Princess. You can go to tekforce1.bandcamp.com  to download it for free!

RGC: Thank you for your time Tek Force and we look forward to your next release!

Tek Force: Thanks so much for the support, it’s always appreciated!



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Author: Ant Harper

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